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Frequently asked questions

What does a typical website cost?
This is one of the most common questions we get and the most difficult to answer. There are no “typical” projects and every website has a specific purpose, strategy and scope which greatly affects the total investment. We do not provide package pricing or use templates, so each engagement is quoted specifically based on your needs and objectives.
How long will does it take to create a new website?
Like costs, each project is unique in size and scope, therefore the timing varies. With each project, we provide a proposed development schedule in addition to pricing and other specifics prior to getting started.
What are your payment terms?
We invoice at the end of each month and include completed work or projects billed-to-date. Terms are net 30-days. However, new clients and projects with higher budgets require a 1/3 deposit upon budget approval. Deposits are due upon invoice receipt.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. Clients can pay via credit card, by check or other electronic payment methods can be arranged.
Do I own my project and associated assets after completion?
Yes. All work is considered “work-for-hire” and you have complete ownership after final payment. The only exceptions are for licensed images, software or other assets were used in the creation of your project. These items are bound by the licensing terms of the original stock agency.
Do you only provide complete programs or can I engage your services selectively?
Whether your project requires total design-to-delivery or if we are engaged in a more limited or consultative role, we are flexible to meet your marketing needs.


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