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Detroit Institute for Children

Founded in 1920, the Detroit Institute for Children has been providing specialized diagnostic and rehabilitative care for children with special needs for nearly a century.


Our relationship with the DIC began with website redevelopment to address significant design and functionality challenges. The site was built in a proprietary and legacy CMS platform that was difficult to manage and maintain. Further, the site lacked responsive design and was not mobile-friendly. During the course of the project it became clear that other priorities with the brand, and existing marketing communications, needed a cohesive look and feel. The identity and logo of the organization also posed reproduction challenges when applied to various marketing materials.


We began the redevelopment of the website while simultaneously addressing the logo issues. We streamlined the look and colors of the logo but maintained the essence of the original concept. This became the foundation for other marketing materials and helped shape a consistent branding system, which we adapted to other projects. Ongoing work with the DIC includes email marketing, print advertising, direct mail and the creation of digital annual reports.



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